Demo Introduction


Welcome to magic oysters island. On this Pacific North island, the Kaki, a tribe of oyster farmers hundreds of years old, raise oysters with love. Their ancestral techniques interest oceanographers from all over the world. Why? Because they have realised that this oyster is magic.
If it is not harvested, it opens and spills a precious liquid capable of dissolving microplastics from the ocean.
An unexpected hope for our fragile oceans.

The Kaki are happy to share their methods but logistic is missing. The tribe will not be able to grow the quatities of oysters needed for the entire planet.

In order to share ancestral knowledge and populate the oceans with magic oysters, the AISPO (International Association of Physical Sciences of the Ocean) wishes to collaborate.

In order to do this, we propose to create a Blox directory that will allow the Kaki and oceanographers to get in touch and organise themselves.

Let's go